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i fucking loved dotdotdot!!! IT WAS HALARIOUS!!!! BUT THE GAME WAS PRETTY BAD.....lol! DOTDOTDOT....

very fun

ahaha!!! reminds me of the old res evils!! i love it!!

yah ok no.

that was unbareable

i love stick page

enough said..............

same here........

hey good game, time waster, fun to play.

p.s. madness, so when michael was still alive that would make this ok? just because hes dead means we cant talk or in some cases make fun of him for what he suposably did. ill admit making fun of him is wrong but still, him dieing does affect the aspect of what he did. omg i hate peaple who say that. only 4 years ago everyone hated him because he suposably like children, now ur trying to defend him? ur a hipocrite in my eyes. i agree with luxas.

i dont think so

im sry dude but im giving it a 2. let me explain, the little ball game in no way would make a desk job any more fun. plus i couldnt realy ge the point of the game, i mean wats with the clicking on objects so they shake do? sry, but no. u left out one major factor of the whole desk job thing, the reason those jobs suck so bad is because u have a superviser hanging over ur head every moment of every day. u think he would want u playing with tumbling balls, i dont think so. if u feel like this every day, then go do something, get out of the house or something. sry but thats my opinion. plus its just not fun. sry.
(i like the animation so it get a 2 on my watch. message me personaly if u have questons.)

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TonyDowney responds:

Using my Holmes-like powers of deduction, I can piece together a little about you. I can tell from your selection of arguments that your education hasn't exceeded a high school diploma. I can tell from your sentence structure, spelling and grammar that typing on a cell phone is more natural than a keyboard, so you were born between 1990 and 1996. And from your time of review - around the dinner hour on a Sunday - that you live in relative isolation, either alone, or simply distant from your parents, wrapped in the basement.

Of course, it doesn't take Holmes to tell that you've never held down an office job. Your spelling and logic wouldn't get you past the application process.

Oh, and thanks for the offer for PMing you, but if you haven't noticed, I've made things pretty public here! haha WOOOOO!

oh wow.

great end to a great saga. not only because its a mesterious ungeussable story, but because its gets creepy and sad as the story unfolds. great job man keep it up.
(its gonna take alot to top this saga.) could u message me and tell me if this is the last episode? thanks anyway.
agin great job


wow dude u have talent. omg thaty was awsome and amazing, and a little creepy for some reason. i like it.

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its pretty hot

i think the fact that its someone from a anime u know, makes it like 9000 times hoter. thank u piccolo

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ok i guess

its ok but its kinda bland...i mean we are in the 20th century u know

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